International VBOA Meeting 2020

Switzerland, Whitsun, May 29 to June 01, 2020

The International VBOA Meeting will take place in eastern Switzerland from Friday, May 29 to Monday, June 01, 2020.

We shall meet in a beautiful region of Switzerland, in Arbon, a small town with timbered houses and an interesting industrial past (and present) on the shore of Lake Constance.

Our Hotel is situated near the lake. With good weather we can have a swim nearby. The town of Arbon is within walking distance. A campsite and the public bath are nearby.

We are looking forward to meet you here. You will get more details in a few weeks. Preliminary costs will be significantly below the range of earlier Swiss events: around CHF 520.- per pax. (double room, 580.- single), including half board, lunch pack, cable car trip. Prolonging the stay will be possible.

We are about to prepare day trips for Saturday and Sunday to the region, the counties of Appenzell, St.Gallen and Thurgau and some of their tourist highlights: town of Appenzell, Kronberg cablecar and mountain view, town of Stein am Rhein, Schloss Arenenberg and a lot of winding side roads in the rolling hills.

For guests arriving earlier or leaving later we will have suggestions for further tours and sights. Most of these tours will take too much time for including in the official program. The Rhine falls would be possible from the tour Thurgau but it would become a lengthy drive and a long day! Aren't we on a holiday?

For the Swiss VOC: Marlyse Haefliger, Paul Herrmann, Gebi Stieger, Hans Wuhrmann

updated August 30, 2019 by Hans

Getting to Arbon

From northwestern Europe, avoiding crowded motorways and a lot of heavy traffic.
Take the A6 to Karlsruhe, Sindelfingen, Konstanz, to Schweiz (CH)

After crossing the Swiss border do not take the motorway (green sign) at the roundabout, but the 3rd exit,to Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn.
(Kreuzlingen has a surprising amount of roundabouts and even more speed traps. Beware!)

Follow Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn and onward to Arbon, along the lake. Do not take the motorway but Arbon-West.
First roundabout, just after the COOP fuel station (note!), take the 2nd exit into Arbon,
2nd roundabout: (ALDI on the left) take 3rd exit, downhill. Past ALDI, then turn right, after 200m left and there you are: Hotel Seegarten!

Alternative by motorway: entering Switzerland via Basel, follow the A1 to Zürich, then to St. Gallen. After exiting the city tunnel in St. Gallen, take the right branch (A1.1) towards Kreuzlingen,Arbon, Rorschach. Beware of the radar!
Continue to Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn. Leave at the exit 1 to Arbon West (Amriswil, Neukirch).
At the T-junction, turn right to Arbon. After 1 km you will see those two roundabouts.
 - Or, just continue until the end of the highway, at the traffic lights turn right to Arbon.
After 1.3 kms you will see the two roundabouts as above.

from Zürich airport: A1 to St. Gallen, and same as above.

Swiss speed limits: built-up areas 50 kmph, overland 80 kmph, and there are lots of speed traps, concealed and expensive! But then we drive veteran cars and we are not in a hurry.
Direction signs: blue - main roads, white - side roads. green - motorways, here you usually need a toll sticker, available at fuelstations, cost CHF 40.-. I think motorways are not funny, especially with veteran cars.

July 2019, Hans


Hotel Seegarten, CH-9320 Arbon,




  a very picturesque town in the hilly country, renowned for its local arts and traditions                                                                                              

Marlyse, Paul and three Appenzell locals (while route testing, August 2019)

Stein am Rhein                          early spring ↑           Rathausplatz, July 2019 ↓

Also in Stein am Rhein, near the car park on the riverbank:

Schloss Arenenberg

Schloss Arenenberg,,   the home the young Napoléon III Bonaparte and his mother Eugénie. He spent his youth here, generally well liked, especially by the young ladies. -  Entry fee not included.

A splendid view over the Untersee, into Germany (on a nice and sunny day, like July 30, 2019)