Tour maps, eastern Switzerland

General:     we try to keep our routes as easy as possible, avoiding town centers: St. Gallen, Kreuzlingen and Rorschach are little nightmares with a lot of traffic.

And of course we will avoid difficult crossings and road repair sites if ever possible. We try to keep up to date.

Tour Appenzell:  Changes are still probable! Following some requests, we try to get it simple without too many bends, climbs and descents. Well, the counties of Appenzell are quite mountaineous!

Tour Kronberg is meant for nice mountain weather, we may take the cable car up. (
blue:   Arbon Hotel to Appenzell      44 km
green:  Appenzell to Kronberg          9 km
red:  return  via Hundwil and back to Arbon  48 km     



Tour Thurgau: Changes are still probable!

green: to Amriswil, visit to the horse carriage collection   13 km
blue:       on to Stein am Rhein  for sightseeing  47 km

light blue:   to Arenenberg, views, Napoleon mansion  18km
red: return to the hotel         54 km